You Sell Golf, Not Them

Picture this, you own a small shop that sells $50 bicycles. The owner of the coffee shop across the street comes over one day with an offer. He says “I have more people coming into my business on a daily basis than you have in yours…why don’t you put your bikes in my coffee shop for exposure”. What’s the catch? The coffee shop owner says this exposure will not cost any money, but in return I want 4 bikes a week as compensation. The bike owner loves the cash free exposure and he agrees.

Day after day he sees people leaving the coffee shop with a purchased bicycle. Weeks later the bicycle owner realizes the coffee shop owner is selling bikes for $20 a piece and making 100% profit. No one goes to the bike store anymore, the coffee shop is cheaper. You might be asking, “why did the bike shop owner agree to this deal?”

Golf on the Links

3rd Party Selling Golf

Have you ever been on the web and seen a strange website peddling golf course tee times at ½ price? Course owners agree to that deal all the time, and let’s face it, with that as your “marketing plan” they won’t be a golf course for long. RSPGL does not use 3rd party retailers to peddle their tee times. Why would I want some strange company making money selling my tee times? Next time you see a course that has their tee times on sites like these, I’m sure your mind will be spinning knowing they let the coffee house sell their bikes.

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