Why You Avoid Social Media

Your social media habits fascinate me. Most of us do something: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, heck there might even be a few people who enjoy TikTok. I’ll even appeal to those of you who claim you “avoid social media” like a badge of courage…even YOU are still reading email! Email was the first social media… all be it…1997.

avoid social media
Would You Avoid Social Media?

Each platform succeeds because they appeal to someone different. You could swear on Instagram because it’s casual and fun, yet the same posts should really be buttoned up if you are talking on LinkedIn. Clearly that platform has more professional undertones. Inside each platform you have people looking for different content. Some are looking for entertainment, some for information, some for opportunities, some for promotions / discounts.

I Would Avoid Social Media Too

I will pick on golf because that’s what I know best. Let me paint with a pretty broad brush. If you like golf course operators who discuss golf architecture, there is almost no social media culture for you. What about tournament culture, or golf shoe culture, or operations culture, or golf swing culture, or golf exercise culture, that’s right…there’s very little for you. BUT, if you are into discount culture, pretty much every single golf course has content for you to consume.

It’s amazing to me that golf operators believes every single person who likes golf… is looking for a discount. According to them, no one is looking for anything else. Here is where the rubber meets the road. Go back through everything you have ever consumed from me, there is nothing about discounts. Golf Course Owner Guy already figured out that the only thing discounts ever got you was: less money and no loyalty. I’m going to keep putting out content across all other cultures and hopefully I get a nice following. We prove every day that doing the opposite is a good idea. I guess I might lose the discount followers…but then again… will I?

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