Shovel Hits The Ground

I wonder how many golf courses were ruined by the scorecard? On rare occasions, an owner or developer might have told  a designer, “go find the 18 best holes out there… however that works out, we are good with conclusion.”

purple shovel on sand bottom focus camera
Photo by Craig Dennis on

Let me tell you how most courses are philosophically laid out before a shovel goes into ground. “We want a par 72 golf course, it must be par 36 on front and the back. We need it to measure 7200 yards from tips, so we can call in championship. We want 2 par 5’s and two par 3’s on each side. We don’t want the par 3’s or 5’s right next to each other. We don’t want too many par 4’s in a row either. We want a drivable par 4, and we would prefer to have that near the end of round to make it exciting. We need the first hole to be easy, we don’t want the opening hole going into rising sun or closing hole into setting sun. The closing hole being dramatic would be awesome. We need par 3’s going in every direction, and we don’t want them to have similar yardages. A reachable par 5 would be good and lets have a really long one, maybe the longest in the city, and we can market that”. The list of scripted nonsense goes on and on.

How in the world do you find the best golf course a piece of land could offer when you have to abide by all those requests. And that’s why there are so many vanilla golf courses. It’s sad the crap we have to play compared to what was always possible.

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