Membership Has It’s Privileges

Membership can be a fickle concept. This past winter a gentleman came to visit. We made small talk in the foyer, about the year as a whole and what I thought the next year would bring. The reason for his visit was to ask me about our Senior membership for the following year.

Golf Course Owner Guy had wonderful answers for all his questions. I told him the thought behind our pricing, and all our logistics. I told him that the windows he likes to play in, are the exact windows that work well for us to get him on the Links. Then he did, what some often do. He told me that a course 20 minutes to the north with a slightly better price. Things got a bit quiet. I asked if there was value in convenience? I asked if he liked the idea of supporting a course that was closer to his house. He was hesitant, but he “sort of agreed”. He really liked saving that $100 though.


I told him that there was this guy who lives in Door County and he comes down almost every week and plays RSPGL. He loves what we do, and he drives a great distance. I asked the gentleman, surely you can see the things this commuter sees?

Lost Membership

He left that day, and I’m not sure I will get to sell him a membership. Ironically, you can see this gentleman’s house standing on the Golf Shop porch. That is how hard it is sometimes. Years ago that would really work me up. Today I laugh. I can’t control what anyone thinks or does, I can only do the best I can do. And “some” people really can appreciate that, and some who are a flip wedge away, cannot.    

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