Effortless Outing Money

Recently I was approached about how to set up an outing. This gentleman was getting pulled into the circles of youth softball and the never ending quest of raising money so the youth girls have equipment and opportunities. While their proceeds were generally assembled through the paltry sale of door to door candy bars, they began to realize that money could be made faster and easier in the form of a golf outing.

Make Money With an Outing

In the past, raising $500 selling candy bars was good money, imagine what could be gained by having a small golf outing? In simple economics, we figured this: if he has 40 players (easily done in his mind) and charges them $20 more than what I’m charging him, he just made $800.

Economics of Outing Money

Leveraging some of his softball and business relationships, he might be able to sell hole sponsorships for $100 a piece. If he falls on his face and only sells half the holes, he just made another $900. The other parents will help him acquire a few baskets to be raffled. The golfers don’t go bananas, but everyone in the group buys about $10, and softball makes another $400.

The ace in the hole was the booze raffle, filling a wheel barrow with booze most of the contestants throw another $10 bucks at the opportunity to go home with enough product to last the next 7 years. Another $400. A few mulligan purchases, a little beat the pro, and an additional $150 is pulled in. Softball adds it up, $2,650. A few more players, a few more baskets, a few more bottles of booze, and next year is looking even better.

So I ask, candy bars or golf outing?

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