Remain PGA Strategy #3

As a PGA Professional, I feel like there is a cloak of secrecy about who we are, how we get to be a member, and what we do as an Association. A few articles ago, I chronicled one of the steps on the path to becoming a member of the PGA of America. Maybe you would like to know how I remain PGA.

Ability wise, I feel pressure to remain a good player, but there’s no obligation. It resembles a driver’s license. Many years ago I had to be good at golf for one day; passing under the 36-hole scoring barrier. Technically many years ago I passed my driver’s test in a similar one day examination. Today, I drive a car better than I play golf, but obviously the world doesn’t require me to be very good at either to remain in good standing. Just take a look at the guy next to you with a cigarette in one hand, his phone in the other as he crosses into your lane.

Maintain Ability to Remain PGA

How to remain PGA
Work to Remain PGA

There has been discussions that maybe the PGA should require a member to maintain their playing ability. It’s funny. You’re probably reading this thinking the PGA would be better off making sure Pros know how to run golf courses. I think you’re right, and that’s why I can’t play like I used to. Sometimes I feel bad about that, but I know it’s in there. Nothing a little practice couldn’t remedy. Sounds familiar! Down the road, I’ll describe the Section and the meetings.

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