Burger Time

Another beautiful day at Royal St. Patrick’s, but your stomach is growling. Rumor has it, any of the burger choices on the Crosswind Grille menu are simply out of this world. I recommend the Bacon Jam Burger. With the 9th hole completed; against better judgment, and much to the dismay of the group immediately behind, you make a bee line for the clubhouse restaurant. In your mind, it’s burger time. Under impatient pressure you ask for the menu, and quickly make your decision…

Burger time
Crosswind Grille Burger Time

Our beautiful bartender’s grinning face takes your order, and then conveys the unthinkable: “sir I just want to let you know the burgers take about 12 minutes”. Her grin is now met with a scowl of disdain. In a huff, you hustle to the 10th tee. If 12 minutes wasn’t the right answer, than what was?

Have you ever cooked a half pound of pure Angus beef? Has your wife ever suggested “honey, why don’t you grill some burgers tonight?” Is your response ever, “that sounds good and they should only take a minute and a half to cook”. I think not. As much as your hated hearing 12 minutes, that was the right answer. If our staffer had responded “I’ll have that for you in 1 minute”, you better be wondering what you’re about to consume.

Burger Time Defines What You Want To Be

This isn’t an article intended to defend a burger that takes too long to cook, it’s an article justifying why our burgers are so good. Many years ago it became clear to our customers that we were going to be serving food, that is simply better than what you would expect to find at a golf course. It’s paid off.  Next time you are at the Links, make sure you stop in for a burger, preferably not at the turn!

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