Everything I’m Not

Leaving and locking the RSPGL building yesterday, I thought about the day I just had. I was on a one hour conference call with our software company discussing ramifications of Microsoft ending TLS security; that was over my head. I had to begin installing a new security system; I’m not that techy. I spent an hour walking around another golf course in the snow, they were installing new bridges and I wanted to learn the process; and I’m not an engineer. When I pulled back in the lot, a woman was waiting for me, and she wanted the sales pitch on a baby shower in our building, interesting pivot as my brain was focused on spancrete. A few hours before that, I put the finishing touches on a newsletter, making sure it was more entertaining than the drivel most businesses put out; lots of pressure to keep that going, as I’m not an author. It was also the first day of the month, so I knocked out inventory while eating my lunch. Tried to track down copies for employees who lost w-2’s, didn’t you just get them? Wrote an employment posting for Indeed; how am I ever going to make these jobs sounds great? Finished the negotiation of hail damaged roof, mailed out an outing proposal, and found a little time to repair the hose in our slop sink to prevent a plumbing disaster.

Writing about it is therapeutic. Sometimes I beat myself up that I didn’t do a lot of these things perfect, then I see it all on paper and I wonder, there has to be an easier way. Unless you squint real hard when you are reading this, you can hardly tell I’m talking about the golf business. Kids who work here tell me they want to be a business owner when they grow up, but not someone in golf. I guess their “vision” of a successful business owner bears no resemblance to the one they just watched for the last 11 1/2 hours. Good luck.


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