Happens To All of Us

Perusing through Spotify I found a guided meditation. I had 15 minutes, a cluttered mind, it sounded peaceful, seemed hip, why not see what it’s all about? I found a quiet place, started with the breathing, and the narrator asked me to focus on something I enjoy. Instead my mind went to work, but it always does.

silhouette of man sitting on grass field at daytime
Photo by Spencer Selover on Pexels.com

The next 10 minutes I’m not sure I meditated at all. For 2 minutes I thought about the things I would love to do: BS with customers, look at apparel, book events, study swing theory, admire golf architecture, write articles, smell grass, watch sunrises….and then reality set in. This is the part of meditation no one can do. It’s where your mind can’t escape reality. I thought about my constant quest for employees, my fear of the IRS, my fear of the DNR, the roof peeling off, how much maintenance equipment costs, the bev cart searing off our service double doors, the boxer shorts that were jammed in a toilet tank, the bev cart flipping over on #10, the person who stole my bathroom faucet handles, the bev cart smashing into the bridge on #2 (you sensing a theme here), someone slipping in parking lot, a cart ending up in the lake, vandalism, road construction emptying our irrigation pond in the middle of a drought, rising costs, crappy air conditioning, 151 acres of living organism, work comp claims, passing health inspector visit, fire, being told customers hate me, my insurance battle, deciding people’s worth as it relates to pay, knowing they are tearing up Hwy 41, raising prices…you get the point.

When it was over it became painfully obvious I don’t actually do anything with golf anymore. It’s not even a golf job. It also became obvious, that I had been on Spotify thousands of times and for some reason…today… meditation seemed compelling. Wonder why? I made a promise to myself, I was going to really focus on golf today and doing what I love… that lasted 5 minutes…why the hell is the furnace making that noise now?


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