Mediocre Intelligence

Mediocre intelligence, it’s a problem for government and it’s a problem for golf. Have you ever been to a course that was really busy and it just seemed like they had no idea what was going on? You naturally just assumed that they must have poor managers, giving poor direction to poor employees, who just don’t care. All of those things might be true, however, maybe there is another explanation.

Years ago when supply and demand was in the golf course’s favor, guests were required to book their tee time days in advance. Fast forward to a generation where supply and demand is in the golfer’s favor, and it’s not uncommon for people to call the same day for a tee time. Either way, the day can be filled, but there is a huge problem.

How We Use Intelligence

In order for golf courses to survive these days, they can’t have excess. Definition: lots of staff standing around doing nothing, hoping they get busy. The tee sheet or the “tee times booked” is our sole guide. We look at tomorrow: do we need a ranger, do we need a starter, from what time to what time? How many cart kids do we need? What time should the beverage cart go out, is it busy enough for overlap, should we have a snack shop, when will she be needed? Will the kitchen need an extra hand, will the bar need an extra hand or two?

Intelligence Never Hurt When It Comes To Strategy

We do this every single day, and it’s based on intelligence, or whether or not you called and tipped us off to whether you are coming. When everyone calls at least the day before (hopefully earlier), we can make sure every outlet is perfectly manned, and your day will be flawless and efficient. No phone call, or “day of” phone call, what can you reasonably expect?  Yes, a tee time for you is a guaranteed spot, but better yet, it’s your way of providing intelligence: You are playing, so be ready! Golf Course Owner Guy loves to gather tactical information.

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