Finding Golf Patience

By all standards Webb Simpson had a great year in 2019, but he did not win a single event. To be entering FedEx Cup in the top 10 without a win is pretty impressive. He was clearly playing great and clearly having trouble breaking through…a study of golf patience. Here’s the question:

  • Does Webb Simpson need to change something in his game to win?

I’m going to make an assumption that most of you would have told Webb, “you are playing great, you’re putting yourself in position. You’re getting beat by guys who are getting the right bounces at the right times. If you keep doing what you are doing, the results will come”.

You Know What Golf Patience Is

This was clearly the right perception and the right answer, but this brings me back to YOU! Why did you opt to tell Webb to keep doing what he’s doing, yet you change what you are doing every single week? Is it possible…you are very close to some great breakthrough, but instead you make another set of wholesale changes only to slide back into mediocrity.

It takes resilience and commitment to stick with what you have. It takes golf patience. Do you have golf patience?

Golf Patience is a Process

As a golfer Golf Course Owner Guy is terrible at that too. I love the quest. How can you not love the search for a better way to swing? In business, I’m totally different. I’m patient. I know that building something takes time. Flash in the pan ideas will come and go. I know gimmicks never last, I know the news cycle is one second, and I know it will take forever to make any meaningful gains.

But I love the grind, both at my desk and on the course. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing…you’re right eventually something good will happen.


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