Employees Who Hurt

Once you’ve been doing the same kind of work for 20+ years, it’s pretty easy to call a spade a spade when it comes to workers who can help you, and employees who hurt the business. Where I’m at right now is pretty simple…I break most employees into two categories. If you happen to fall into the second group, your days are numbered.

  1. Employees concerned about doing a good job
  2. Employees concerned about the time they’ve invested

Good Job People

The “good job” people are selfless. Sometimes they are even too selfless if there is such thing. They will come early, stay late, work off days, even stare at the schedule and anticipate issues. This group was not programmed that you are supposed to work only so much.

employees who hurt
Employees Busting Their Butts

Time Invested People

The “time invested” people are not bad people, and many are hard workers. They just have this trait where they need to remind everyone how much they work, when they worked, how they always have to work, how no one notices how much they work. They have this pre-programmed set of hours they can not exceed. When they do exceed, it’s breaking news.

I’m not a old fashioned tough guy employer, I’m just aware. I’m aware how my selfless people don’t really like these “time sensitive” people. I’m aware my “time sensitive” people don’t really like that the selfless people always make them look bad. I still haven’t figured out how you manage this. Just when you got everyone clicking, someone leaves and someone new joins.

Moving On From Employees Who Hurt

I want to share an awesome golf course with golfers. Wasting my time massaging these two groups of people was something Golf Course Owner Guy used to do, now we just move forward with the people who enjoy being here, regardless of what time it is. It’s a smart and efficient thing to do. It’s a great place to work, if you want to join us.

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