Over lunch a close friend told me he was moving to Minnesota, and joining a private club upon arrival. He likened the structure of the club to something like RSPGL. He said “it’s a private owner family. Him and his wife are very vested in running the day to day operations, it’s not your typical member owned scenario”.

Upon returning home, I Googled this club and watched their 5 minute membership enticement video. Beautiful course, nice clubhouse, huge patio, heated bays on range, fitness center, gigantic state of art kitchen, I could go on and on. Let’s just say, it looked NICE!

Sometimes I fantasize about making RSPGL a fancy private club. After watching this video, I have determined it’s absolutely impossible. In order to provide the “finer things in life”, and downstroke a family $45,000 to join, you need to understand the finer things in life. And I have no idea what those things are. I drive a 2006 Honda Pilot with no air conditioning. I won’t buy new shoes until the pair I have is shredded. I eat leftovers perpetually. I’m simple.

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My existence is simple. My family is simple. I own a nice course, and I keep it nice. I keep everything nice. That’s why my car, my shoes, and the food in my fridge lasts so long. I’m a maximizer. I’d rather see how far we can take something average, then have something beyond my means that we soon forget about. It’s amazing how RSPGL is me. It’s everything I believe in. I guess I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be… doing exactly what I’m supposed to do. Proof there is something out there for everyone. Find your place.

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