Hidden Unknowable Forces

Sometimes Golf Course Owner Guy sees golf a bit differently. I guess that’s why you read. Just like many of my stories, there is nothing new here, just a new way of looking at the same old information. Today, we will discuss unknowable forces. They are the reason you love the game, and they are the reasons you sometimes hate the game. Do I have you hooked?

unknowable force
Unknowable Force At Work

We have always known that the game possesses elements of chance. The way the ball bounces, the breaks that happen or don’t happen, is part of the game. This unseen, and unknowable force partly decides every outcome. It’s why we think the next round could be better, it’s how we can explain why the previous round was bad. This force actually gives us delight. If everything was predictable and expected, would golf be as much fun?

Harness Unknowable Forces

As humans we can’t resist to ruin things, I mean….why love these mysterious unknowable forces, when we can harness it, and quite frankly eliminate it. Where did we get this ideaology that the game will somehow be more fun when the unseen force is gone? We are sure as hell trying to find out.

Look all around you, everything in golf today is designed to eliminate this unknowable force. The goal is simple, let’s give the player more control, that will surely make the game better. We have developed a ball that flies farther and stops quicker. If there was a ball that flies 500 yards, never curves and stops on a dime, you’d buy it. Where’s the chance in that?

Golf began on rumpled links land, but we have flattened natural undulation so that accurate drives yield level lies. If you can hit it 300 yards in the dead center of the fairway, then that spot should not be left to chance, it should be dead flat as your reward. Only problem is…everyone’s perfect drive is every conceivable distance…. perfect… just make it all flat. Look at all the modern courses…. Good bye force.

We are on a constant quest for the smoothest greens. We deserve reliable results for well struck putts. Balls bouncing offline, maybe bouncing online, we can’t have that. If I make a perfect stroke, then the putt must go in. Oh, it gets better. According to the new rules, we can tap down spike marks too. Can we get any closer to eliminating that unpredictable force in the game? Maybe they will let us create an indented channel that leads directly to the hole….

Is Fairness Tied To The Force?

The word force can really be summarized another way, and that word is fair. I have no idea what is fair, when it comes to playing golf. I try not to even define the word fair. As soon as I have the feeling of unfair, I’m really feeling a lack of predictability. Why would I think golf must be predictable? You think that because you have been taught that and it’s really too bad that the game is perceived that way. Let me turn you on to something…as soon as you trust and accept the unknowable force, the game gets really fun.


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