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It’s no secret, everything that was once an accepted “way of life” is being questioned. I’m reading national retailer articles…. retailers want to rewrite the rules of senior discounts or possibly abolish them all together. Uh -Oh!

Tee Time Caller: Do you have senior rates?

Golf Shop Staff: Yes we do, can you prove that you qualify for senior rates?

Tee Time Caller: I certianly can, I’m 62, I will bring my drivers license

Golf Shop Staff: That won’t be neccessary, but we will need a personal financial statement documenting all your assets and liabilities.

Whoever invented senior rates had good intentions. Give a break to people who gave up their earning power by retiring. An assumption that retirees are poor the day they stop working. It would be funny if I kept track of how many people told me they would “do better” if they retired. The golf shop is apparently the place to brag about that.

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Businesses began marketing senior rates. Senior discounts began at age 65, then a retailer won with 62. Not to be outdone, a restaurant tried 60. There are a few 58’s. Of course golf operators, the dumbest of the bunch… went to 55, and although not totally related, you can qualify for the senior tour at 50.

It’s a perfect question…if the intention was to provide a little help to those who have less, why do we give discounts based on age? Shouldn’t everyone carry around a personal financial statement? Is there something unsavory about having a Cadillac, owning a home in Minocqua, and a home in Naples… while going around scooping up senior discounts? I know we have very little sympathy for the 28 year old that lives in his parents basement, but technically he needs the discount more.

As a lover of all things logical, I have no interest in being the pioneer of senior rate change, but I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Retirees who have very little, love this idea. If you find yourself getting mad reading this, it’s because you have plenty, and the little jig where you pretend you need it… is probably up.

I know this one will generate some comments, have at it! Remember, don’t kill the messenger. I’m merely stating the obvious.


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