Concern of Price

Price…it’s golf, not a bathroom remodel. What is the concern? Had a gentleman call recently looking for late September tee times for a group of 16. Golf Course Owner Guy had the day open and couldn’t wait to book him, but before that could happen, he needed to know to know what it would cost.

The Price Waltz

The “transaction dance”. I love how we gently tip toe around each other in this little waltz. I said “the price to play on weekends is $56, a great price for what you will receive.” Then he took the lead, “we were hoping to pay less”. Why would you be hoping to pay less, I thought, you clearly know the price is $56. What assumption did you make that the price everyone pays, is for everyone except you. I asked, “have you played here before?” He responded he had not. “then how would you know that the course is not worth $56, is it possible it’s worth more than $56?”. Now I had him back pedaling. I pushed again, “if it’s not worth $56, and you have never been here, what should I charge?”.

The Price Waltz

We both laughed and he booked. I told him, “when the day is over and all 16 of you are in the bar, and they are all patting you on the back for being so brilliant in picking a great course, not one will be sitting there thinking, I wish we could have played a course that was $7 dollars less.”  

The Point Of All This

The point of this story is….your opinion of how low or how high you think my price is…is simply your opinion, often based on nothing. What is a fact is that golf is our area is very affordable, all of it. People across this country would love to be paying what you might think is over paying.  I know RSPGL has awesome affordable golf, and I know the vast majority of our patrons appreciate that.


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