Driven From The Pool

Recently heard a professor discussing populations, relationship formation, mate choice, pro-creation, the whole thing. He cited some stats which I will try to replicate, as I was only half paying attention. Then he got to the end of his discussion and I thought, wow, I wish I had been paying closer attention.

He said 20 years ago, 3 out of 5 people who got married, met at work. I met my wife at work, I could get on board with that. He said today, far less people are getting married, and if they are getting married, 1 out of 2 people who get married, met online. The professor thought this is a huge problem. This is where my interest sparked.

Why is this a HUGE PROBLEM?

He was basically making the case that ugly is going to be driven from the gene pool. In the old days, that person who worked across from you was nothing special, but he/she had a great personality, he/she was kind, and he/she seemed like he/she would be a great spouse and parent. Today, you don’t get to find that out, you simply look at a online picture, pass judgement and move on. Essentially all those good people you would have learned to like, will never find a mate. Only photogenic people will find relationships. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

It got me thinking about golf. If that is happening in mate selection, can you not see parallels happening in golf. Maybe all the courses that will survive, are the ones who have the best scenery, take the best pictures, do the best editing, the ones who can really market. If we never really get to know the course’s charm, and we are simply making decisions by their superficial looks, won’t golf courses have trouble finding their mates… I mean customers. I know it’s a bit out there for RSPGL, but that’s why you read.  


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