War On Screens….

Decades ago there was a War on Drugs, that morphed into a War on Terror. I’m contemplating starting a new War. Using golf as my mechanized weapon, I see a new campaign called the “War on Screens”. At some point, the extremely sedentary, dazed, slouched postured, introverted, swipe left, creepin’ on people behaviors we are all exhibiting… will be deemed dangerous if we want to perpetuate the human existence. Golf will be the antidote.

Golf will recalibrate your human equilibrium. Stand up straight, suck in those abs, you will need some athleticism to swing the club with speed.

There is a high probability you might have to play with other people, start practicing: “ Hi, my name is Jim, it’s a gorgeous day, I really love this course.  I’m a computer programmer for a multi national company, what do you do for a living?” See….not real hard to talk to other humans.

Now… to offset all those swipe lefts, I need you to think about swinging out to the right, see how Instagram has perpetuated your slice. We want to draw the ball!

But mostly you have to move, it’s called exercise, and it will be the number one reason we win the “War on Screens”. At some point you are going to realize that pocket computer of negative energy is sucking the life from you… and a nice walk outside, in nature, receiving sunlight, talking to people, conquering a challenge, while having a fun time is good for you. Am I wrong?

After years of visual research, I have concluded that nothing clashes more with screen time than a nice round of golf. Make a tee time, it can be here, but anywhere works. In the end, when the Russians seize the internet grid, and the non-golfers around you are in full meltdown, you can head to the course and have an enjoyable day. Heck, you won’t even have to pay, cause how the hell am I going to process your credit card?

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