Costco Solves Questions

In this inflationary world, setting our prices has become a challenge. Each department leader does their research on the rising costs of labor, cooking oil, fertilizer, you name it. I guess a simplistic way of calculating: is saying that everything that will cost “more”, divided by the number of rounds we expect to do, should be how much extra we need to charge.

Of course, this would mean we are simply making pars. I don’t want to make bogeys, and I’m not sure what would need to happen for us to make birdies… maybe a huge increase in rounds. What should I decide for 18 holes? Stay at $38, how about $39…is $40 pushing it?

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On a trip to Costco this winter, it became very clear. First I could not find a parking spot. Hordes and hordes of people had their shopping carts packed with stuff. I had two things in my cart… a can of mixed nuts $18.79 and a 30 count box of egg rolls, $20.79. Forty dollars spent, neither thing I really needed… it dawned on me that $40 for a 4 hour round of golf a sunny summer day, would have been money better spent.

Why am I obsessing about the perfect price, when no one at Costco is leaving without a $150 commitment, to essentially…. NOTHING. Next time you are here, try to think about everything that goes into a golf experience, and after you pay the green fee…think about how little you would have gotten at Costco for the same price.

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