Stunning Foresight

At the time I am writing this article, did you know that we are one of the only public course in Wisconsin with a Foresight Launch Monitor with HMT Technology here for teaching and fitting. Teaching Professional Tom Olson of the Royal St. Patrick’s Golf Academy purchased this fancy little toy for your enjoyment and education.

At a price tag of over $15,000, this machine has the ability to provide information a trained professional could only speculate, but never be able to describe with such precise accuracy. Either inside Tom’s indoor studio or outside on the practice range, this tracking provides Tom with measurements on ball data including ball speed, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, vertical decent angle, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, carry distance, roll, total distance, lateral landing, apex height, flight time, and shot dispersion.

What Foresight Does Differently

The HMT portion (Head Measurement Technology) provides club data including club speed, club speed profile, club acceleration profile, face angle, face to path, dynamic loft, angle of attack, club path, vertical swing plane and horizontal swing plane. With this kind of information, I have no doubt that Tom will be turning out the area’s best players.

Foresight Data Screen

If you are ready to learn more about your swing and if you are ready to buy clubs that correctly maximize your launch characteristics, then you need to think seriously about the benefits Foresight has to offer. I know, it’s new and scary and something like this has never existed in Wisconsin. These are the kind of things we believe in.

Why Foresight Matters To Us

As Golf Course Owner Guy, we see an under served niche. There are people out there who want to drink beer and have a good time, but there are also people who want to improve. After all, golf is generally considered aspirational. We set up this facility so that we could serve both desires. That’s cross branding and a nice little insurance policy in case one evaporates.

If you love golf and you want to get better, you are crazy to ignore what Tom has to offer. This is the facility for you. See you on the range.

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