Not Exceptionally Complicated

Golf Course Owner Guy sees a fair amount of complicated golf related videos online, but this one is pretty interesting. My good friend Joe J shared this with me this past winter. He warned me, as I will warn you…it’s 35 minutes long, but if you love golf, and you want to hear it right from the GOAT’s mouth, then I would clear a half hour to indulge.

These Boys Are Not Complicated

Let me set the stage real quick…Tiger, Rory, Jason Day all standing around the practice green discussing how they “play” certain shots. There are some cool revelations, there is some unique insight, and there seems to be this bro-mance happening as well. It’s amazing how the best in the world are asking the best in the world how to hit a certain shot, and then when they do…the joy and climax is funny to watch. Even if you are the world’s worst golfer, there are awesome nuggets buried in here. None of it too complicated, after all, good golfers don’t make anything look complicated.  I apologize if you have seen it already, but if you have not, I hope you enjoy, it’s much better than reading my drivel. Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy & Jason Day Short Game Session | TaylorMade Golf


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