Spellbinding Swing Theory

Swing theories, there are a lot of them out there. Where do they come from? How do they get started? Golf Course Owner Guy has a theory on the theories. As a golf swing tinker-er, I have always enjoyed new information. Rarely has a theory come out that I didn’t try to incorporate into my own action. Some I’ve enjoyed, others I threw away within days.

Swing theories are nothing more than a permanent solution to the swing theory inventor’s own personal problem. Let me expand. Andy Plummer couldn’t make it on Tour because he could never make solid enough impact. He invented Stack and Tilt to keep him from moving off the ball. Mike Malaska could never make it on  Tour, his club constantly was stuck behind and dumped to the inside on approach. Mike is now famous for his steering wheel approach to forearm rotation on the downswing. A move that gets the club “in front”.

The Most Digested Swing Theory

Let’s not forget about the most widely read, and most misunderstood swing theory of all time. Mr. Hogan’s “Five Fundamentals”. This book should have been titled “How Not To Hook It”. What’s even more amazing is that the book was digested by millions of slicers. No wonder we all suck at golf. What about Haney, Harmon, Leadbetter, McLean, Foley…is there a chance their theories are based on their personal experiences?

swing theory
The Theories of Swing Theory

Is it far fetched to believe that a swing theory is nothing more than a solution to a permanent personal nightmare. I’m not saying these theories are bad. What I am saying is that your solution might be right inside of you. Inquire within, but if you must been a follower…find one that had a similar problem, and you will better understand their similar solution.

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