Admit It, Right Equals Straight

If you hit down and take divots with your irons, this article is for you. I’m going to teach you that right equals straight. If you’re a picker, no need to read any further. In order to hit a “straight online iron shot” with a “descending blow”, you must swing slightly over the top, or outside in. Shocked?

Grab These Items:

Grab your daughter’s hula hoop, a straight rod and stand by the edge of your square kitchen table. The hula hoop represents your swing arc, the top of the kitchen table is “ground level”. Hang the hula hoop off the side of the table on a slight incline. This incline represents your arc of swing, the bottom of hula hoop is one or two inches below the edge of the table. The edge of table represents the target line. The bottom of the hula hoop is where the bottom of the swing arc for a “divot taker” would be. Makes sense it’s below the table, or “underground”.

As you can see, you don’t hit the ball at the lowest point of the swing, you would actually place the ball where the table and hula hoop intersect. Obviously you want to hit “ball first”. Now take your straight rod on the same incline as the hula hoop and put it directly at the intersecting spot.

Where does the rod point? It points down, and to the left of the target. The only way to make the rod point straight down the edge of the table (our target line) at that intersecting point is to turn the hula hoop to a more “right” position. Crazy isn’t it! This is kind of D-Plane material if you have ever heard those words.

Conclusion To Right Equals Straight

right equals straight
Right Equals Straight, Don’t You See It?

So I guess swinging over the top is good, if you want to hit it straight!

I said all that to say this: If you are a right handed player, just reverse everything I said above. No one ever writes technical things for lefties, and I’m not left handed. To lefty nation, Nick is thinking about you! I did it! To everyone else, if you can crack the code above, and reverse everything like lefties always need to do… you will hit it damn straight.


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