Pitiful They Steal It

Years ago I attended the PGA Merchandise Show. It’s a gigantic exposition of all things golf, you name it, someone is there trying to sell it or steal it. From the biggest OEM companies in the world, down to the guy making tees from corn starch in his basement. Biodegradable sells. It’s not only a place for people like me to find the latest and greatest for the Golf Shop, it’s a haven for thievery. As the expression goes, there are no new ideas…

I stood near a booth where a lady was peddling her hand made floral bands for straw hats. You know that piece of fabric that goes around it for decoration. She was older, organized and passionately engaging to whoever walked by. A group of nicely dressed Asian men made their way past with cameras and she started screaming at the top of her lungs, it was a scene. I stood there frozen, what was happening???

Why They Steal It?

Today the US produces next to nothing for golf, and the reason is cost and efficiency. The engineers and foundries overseas for the most part are finely oiled machines…they do incredible work at unbeatable prices. They are very good, extremely creative and incredibly hardworking. The majority of their workers put in 12-hour days, 7-days a week, and are paid only about $150 a month. But…and this is a big but…they can make up to $10,000 for stealing an original design made by a major manufacturer.

steal it
Anyone Might Steal It

Why the weird transition and why was that lady screaming. Those gentleman were stealing ideas, and she knew once they had them, she was done. I will always remember that lady and what I saw, it was pretty sad, but it’s the world we live in.

What Golf Course Owner Guy loves about owning and running a golf course, is the uniqueness. No matter how hard anyone tries, no matter what ideas they steal, they cannot replicate what we have. I hammer our uniqueness in everything we do. In a world where ideas are stolen everyday and poorly replicated, being one of a kind can be polarizing, but to those who like it, it’s a difference maker.

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