No Side Show Stuff

I was not here for the Links construction, but I arrived just as it was completed. All of us dream of building and owning our own course, I was no different. The only thing I missed out on was the birth of an idea. That’s sort of where I want to take this, because some course births confuse me.

When an individual or group sets out to build a course, I have to imagine it’s 100% about golf. They want a certain course, with certain features, certain tournaments, on certain conditions. They want a certain pro who offers certain amenities. Clubhouse has a certain look, and will only meet certain needs. The investor group sees a certain kind of player, spending a certain amount of money. The entire plan is born with intention of pouring their heart and soul into their sole asset: the GOLF COURSE. Ground is broken.

Fast forward… these same courses bombard you with marketing: Haunted Hayrides, Magic Shows, Wine & Cheese Tasting, Foot Golf, Fling Golf, Coloring Contests, Bingo, Lighted Walks, Bar “Sign Ins”, Cross Country Skiing, Father/Daughter Fishing, Simulators, Cooking Class, Live Music, Snowshoeing, Betting Pools. What happened to golf? There is no way when that course was built that people sat around and said “let’s spend millions of dollars on a golf course, in case all our little side show socializing gimmicks don’t work… at least we’ll have a golf option to fall back on”. I think a huge reason why this happens, is because some of the people running golf courses, aren’t that passionate about golf. I mean, would you let the pastor at your church put a new transmission in your car? He’s a great guy, but you still need a car that works.

Every course does it their own way. Our way is not better, it’s simply our way. If I had the opportunity to envision and build a course, I’m pretty sure I’d only be dreaming about the golf. Like I said, I missed the opening act, but since arriving, I’ve been all about the golf. I’m content to attract patrons who love the idea that we are passionate about golf. If you are hoping I’m pushing Hot Yoga, you’re out of luck. If you love golf, then you might like the concept that my mind, and my time… are never filled with cute-sie side show stuff. It’s always focused on the reason we exist in the first place…golf.


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