Providing an Accurate Review

Understanding what you are looking at is the secret to being able to review a golf course. You think you are good at reviewing, let’s do a little exercise. Take off all your clothes and stand in front of the mirror…spin around a few times and let’s critique what you are looking at.

The grass on a golf course is just like the skin on your body. Those moles, they are like dirt bare spots. That sun damage, let’s just call that dollar spot. A surface discoloration at best. Jaundice, well that’s just dormant grass. That eczema patch, that’s like a swampy area after a heavy rain. It will go away with time. What about all that hair? You got it, the rough mower broke down this morning. 

What Are You Reviewing?

Review The Bones

Sadly we will pay no attention this morning to your overall body health, or how your body structure is assembled. We decided to simply assess you… by the trivial exterior we could see. A golf course is so much more than the grass coating, yet people sit around the bar, or even spend time on Google, pretending they are course review experts, yet they only see the surface. 

It doesn’t take a doctor to tell you…bumps, bruises, sores and cuts will pass quickly, what can’t be changed too easily is structure. Thankfully RSPGL has moisturized well over the years, but as Golf Course Owner Guy often writes about, there is something you don’t see, but you can sense, that really attracts you to it. We’ve got great bones, beauty and health that is more than skin deep.

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