Juiced Driver Debate

Play along with me. You go out to play with your typical Saturday foursome. Your buddy, who typically hits drives the same distance as you, has now out driven you on all 14 driving holes by an average of 35 yards. On par 4’s you both used to hit 6-iron, he hit 9 iron today. He got close to the par 5’s, actually hitting the fringe on one of them. Irons wise, he was the same length, so you played the par 3’s hitting the exact same irons. You got the best of him on those holes, but he certainly spent the day “further” down the fairway.

Driver Truth Comes Out

Over cocktails, he divulged the truth. It turns out one of the major club companies has decided to manufacture an illegal driver, and let’s face it, it’s hot and it goes far, and you guessed it: HE BOUGHT IT. Thanks to this new found distance, your buddy, a typical mid 80’s shooter, shot a smooth 78 and he was having fun. Of course, these cocktails turn into words exchanged, so all four search out the judge and jury, or what I prefer to call: the golf pros office.


Golf Course Owner Guy / Pro is excited he shot his best round ever, and he seems unconcerned about the legalities of this casual round, what do you do? Do you buy the driver to level the playing field? Do you continue to play your legal driver because upholding the USGA’s limit on your enjoyment is paramount? Do you start hating your buddy? Are you forced to find new friends, and a new course pro, who all agree that driver distance persecution trumps all?

Far-fetched? Stay tuned…

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