Defying Golf Ball Side Spin

Grab onto something, I’m going to dispel one of the greatest un-truths in golf ball flight laws. Matter a fact, someone just said it here again. I hear it daily and it’s absolutely, positively not accurate. Here we go…..a golf ball curving hard to the right, or curving hard to the left has NO side spin. There is no such thing as golf ball side spin.

There is no ball on the market that reduces side spin because there is NO side spin. Guess what, there is no shaft or hosel setting that will reduce side spin because, I repeat: there is no side spin. All along, I think you knew there was no side spin, and now it is verified. Every ball that you hit with every club has back spin and back spin alone.

golf ball side spin
Why No Golf Ball Side Spin?

If No Golf Ball Side Spin, Why Does It Curve?

I know you are wondering about the curve? If the ball is struck on a slightly tilted axis, the combination of back spin and the tilted axis causes the ball to curve. Only a ball that is struck with zero tilt; and back spin that is perfectly perpendicular, will take off straight and fly straight. With such rigid parameters for a perfect shot, it’s a miracle the ball ever flies straight. This article barely scratches the surface of golf ball flight and a good author always leaves you wanting more. Come see me and I would love to talk about ball flight.

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