Sadly, Its On The Internet

Some have said that the future of golf course ownership is not that promising. When in doubt, ask the internet, so Golf Course Owner Guy simply typed in “can you make money owning a golf course?”. This is what the search query turned up. In essence, this was the height of Google search engine optimization, sadly its on the internet folks, it must be true… and it read…

“There are some things management can do to make a golf course profitble. These might range from opening a private club at least some degree to the public…In many cases, the only way to turn a profit is for some or all of the land where the golf course is located to be re-developed into other (non-golf) uses.

There you have it. When Google was asked the question, the best thing that it came up was open to the public if you are private, or sell the land to Home Depot. For those of you that love golf, this is not what you want to hear, and for those of you who want to own a course; this might extinguish the flame, but don’t fret…. let’s look deeper.

Just Because Its On The Internet…

….doesn’t mean it’s true. People who are on the internet talking are generally the ones who don’t have anything else going on. They are known as keyboard warriors. It’s easy for them to talk about the combustion of golf as they do nothing to keep it from imploding. We are pretty successful, and maybe that’s because I’m too busy actually working, instead of talking about working.

Its on the internet
Its On The Internet, Must Be True

There are probably some really interesting credible resources running very successful golf courses, and we never hear from those people. Years ago, I wanted to find those people, understand what they were doing, get tips, get pointers, etc. Part of the reason I came up with this blog was because I couldn’t find anything good out there. It would take a really, really unique person to be busy all day operating a successful golf course, and then have that same person go home at night, and document his or her credible ideas. Go figure.

Some day that person might come along. Until then, we will simply have to believe the “know-it-alls”, and their little bit of speculative information that they propagate on the internet. And I guess you could make the case…that this applies to more than golf.

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