Strong Reason FORE Canceling Your Subscription

How many of you have considered canceling your subscription to Golf Digest? Golf Course Owner Guy remembers when I couldn’t wait for the newest issue to hit the mailbox. Obviously the internet and it’s instant news have really hurt my thirst for the printed issue, but I still read Golf Digest… because that’s what I did as a kid.

canceling your subscription

What Drives Canceling Your Subscription

Recently my tune has changed. Have you really “looked” at Golf Digest. First, all pictures are accompanied by the $120 golf shirt sales pitch in the corner.  How about the ads, and articles for watches? What? Rolex, Cartier, Movado and Bvlgari. That’s not a type-o. The cheapest one I believe is $3995. How about the car reviews? Oh wait, I’m talking about my house value with wheels. Yes, I’m so impressed by the European engineering. Tell you what…I’ll wait until next month, the car they featured this month, just didn’t inspire. And how about the buddy trips? Eight guys can get together and go on a trip, but only if the golf is $375 a round, the accommodations are 5 star, the best chophouse has your nightly reservation, and you rent one of the cars I discussed earlier.

People I hate to say it, but Golf Digest isn’t talking to me!!! Are they talking to you? I come from a land where $60 golf shirts is a nice shirt, my watch came from a mall kiosk, I would read a review on Toyota Corollas, and 8 guys can play RSPGL, and I’m sure they can have an OK day, and only be out $75 when it’s all aid and done. That magazine is not us, it’s not golf in the Valley, it’s a fantasy world, and I don’t need it anymore. Hold on, I just noticed one more thing, these two page, full spread articles for Cialis, like I said, “they’re not talking to me”.


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