How To Choose: Range Ball

Years ago, we were faced with a question: how to choose our range ball? We chose a Srixon range ball. Unlike range balls of the past, this ball has a soft cover and a soft compression. We recently conducted tests using our Foresight Launch Monitor and we found out it has the spin characteristics of the old Titleist Balata. Great for hitting wedge shots, great for working on curvature, and super easy on your body as a softer ball creates less jarring impact on your joints! I sound just like Tiger, but this has nothing to do with firing your glutes.

If there is a downside to this commitment, the ball lacks some “pop” off the driver. Guys would question their carry distance and sometimes their trajectory. I get it, part of a good session is feeling like you hit those bombed drivers. Chicks dig the long ball, so they tell me!

Easy Fix For Range Balls

One of the things I always pride myself on, is finding a solution. If the consumer wants to hit spinning soft wedges and then wants to hit long bombing drives, well that will simply require two different golf balls, and WE DID IT!

Range ball
Choosing Your Range Ball

That year we incorporated hard Pinnacle golf balls mixed in with the softer Srixon balls. Many never noticed, but those who did…figured out: their warm up begins with the Srixons and their session ends with drivers and the Pinnacles. The best of both worlds.

In summary, Royal St. Patrick’s could have bought the cheaper ball, we could have bought the nicer ball, we could have done whatever we wanted, but sometimes you just have to observe and listen. I don’t have to come up with 1000 ideas to make things better, the customers do that for me. We can’t do everything the customers want 100% of the time, but this was a simple fix. It made sense. It’s one of the reasons we are different, it’s why “we are better”. It takes incredible restraint and minimal ego to let others decide what’s best for your business.

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