Way Back When

Guns N Roses, Madonna, Ramones, Notorious BIG, The Cars and probably 1,000 more ….what do they all have in common? Most believe their best album, was their first album. It’s real simple, everyone starts somewhere, and when you start in music…you start nowhere. You love music, and you grind at your craft. What else gets accomplished…well nothing. You sit in your basement and work on your lyrics. You constantly refine the chords. You test your constant changes…refine, refine, refine. It’s a life totally dedicated to making it, of course it’s going to be good.

people in concert
Photo by Sebastian Ervi on Pexels.com

Then something bad happens. The album is good, I mean really good. Agents are calling. Investors want in. How about a concert tour? Rolling Stone magazine interview at 2:00. Groupies outside. Jelousy amongst band members. We can now afford cocaine. Sadly, the band has time for everything, except time to work on another album. No toiling, no pontification, no inspiration…you quickly grab some random shit to sing about. Your fans after hearing it, now wish you hadn’t even bothered.

That is everything in life. The beginning is where the passion resides. When a little thing becomes a big thing, it loses everything that made it great. Bands, stores, techy apps, government…the list goes on. Everytime I sit down to write, I dread becoming R.E.M. Even though so many people say they enjoy my golf musings, I’ve probably already lost what made it great in the beginning. Like a website pop-up, slowly you will “x” me out… and soon, I won’t pop up at all. Until then, I hope you remain your favorite golf writer, that didn’t actually talk about golf at all.

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