Guitar Man

As I’ve written before, there has been an exodus of golf pros from the business. Long hours, mediocre pay have surely been contributors, but maybe it’s more with golf pros no longer feeling special. Hear me out.

In 1980, if you were the only one on your street that new anything about guitars, you were the “guitar man”. All questions came to you. Sure, you might have delivered produce during the day, but nights and weekends, you were “guitar man” for the neighborhood. Super cool, you were something. 

photo of person playing acoustic guitar
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In 1980, someone like me would be where you got your clubs, your clothes, your lessons, your travel recommendations. Also super cool. Today, Instagram gives you photoshopped pics of resorts. Top 100 teachers fill YouTube. Bloggers write only about shaft fitting, and there is a 11 year old kid in India who can grip the club with his toes, swing with his legs, and by the way… he’s blind. I can’t do any of that, and you don’t even come to me anymore, so I no longer feel like “guitar man” for you.

Because we are consuming golf globally, not just in our neighborhoods anymore, I think a lot of pros don’t feel, that what they have to offer is particularly special. In a world that worships the extraordinary, maybe these pros are no longer at peace with simply being ordinary. Personally I have no trouble with it.

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