Golf Treason

No one will argue we are living in a time where pushback against authority is rampant. For decades centralized government gains authority, individuals lose power, and humans simply fall in line. Thanks to internet and the spread of information, suppression is now difficult. Anytime government sees opportunity to win back parental power, government will reign in it’s flock of sheep.

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I say that to say this. I have received numerous questions as it relates to my opinion on ball distance roll back. There are many points of view, here is one you probably won’t hear. Why are tours, associations, manufacturers, individuals genuflecting to golf’s centralized government known as the USGA? Who is the USGA? Why do you give a shit what the USGA says? Hitting the ball far should be one of man’s freedoms. Are we seriously rescinding another freedom, so the US Open can make some future venues work better?

Hitting it far does not hurt the course, it does not hurt me. It does not hurt your score, it does not hurt your health, it does not hurt your wealth, it does not hurt the people you play with. It’s simply an elastomer covered core going 6.5 yards farther, those 2 times you actually hit the center of the face. Given who I am, or what I do, I’m supposed be one of golf’s good shepherds. I just don’t care. It’s a hard game. I want players to have as much fun as possible. Part of our fun, is the endless search for more. As a world… we can’t figure out when a baby is a human, how immigration works, or which bathroom we should use, but Justin Thomas hits it 320, so it’s unanimous, everyone else needs to suffer. That is my prediction. Mankind is supposed to choose what is best for him/herself.  Mankind will choose a few more yards.


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