Admit You Were Wrong

Scientists are constantly developing new theories about the origin or catastrophes of the earth. Modern archeologists might call something that was once thought to be 1,000 years old, 10,000 years old. Unless you are in that field, you don’t understand how difficult it is to propose a new idea.

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Academia absolutely hates new ideas. I mean hates.  Renowned professors / scientists have given lectures, wrote books, won awards… based on their original theory. Imagine the lack of ego it would take to sit back and say, “I’m really famous, and made a lot of money, and quite frankly I was wrong about all of it, please strip me of my accolades, and cut my future earning power to zero. That guy’s NEW shit is spot on, mine was a pile of crap that I perpetuated, Sorry about that”.

Got me thinking about golf. We know a certain way to swing the club. There are a lot of famous people who have made a lot of money, earned lots of rewards based on certain swing theory. Are there people coming along with new swing theory? Would Golf Digest’s Top 100 teachers be open to swinging the club in a completely new way? Would they admit they were wrong? Would they give up the pedestal they sit on? Would they do everything in their power to tarnish the ideas of new swing theory? And you wondered how I might tie archeology to golf.  

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