How You React

When you hit any golf shot, there are really only 4 actions, and 4 outcomes that determine the net result of a particular swing. None of these results will define you, but how you react will set the tone for today, and it will help create a pattern for the future.

how you react
How You React Is Important
  1. Good swing and a good result. This is the action even a 20 handicapper expects to make every time. He or she shouldn’t expect that; but they do. Can’t fault self confidence.
  2. Bad swing and good result. This probably happens more than we let on, but why let on? All your partners can see is the ball 5 feet from the pin. Maybe they didn’t see you were way past parallel, maybe they didn’t see that you hit one groove from the bottom. You hit it stiff, just go with it. Maybe even make a remark you could have done better.
  3. Good swing and bad result. This can be the 4 hour pity party. You are so awesome with the club in your hand, your action piston like, but the golf gods absolutely hate you. The wind always comes up, that green side bunker moves while your ball is in the air, why is that ranger watching us, what kind of course doesn’t serve ginger ale? Man, it’s never you!
  4. Lastly, bad swing, and a bad result. I’m not sure what I can say. Seems like we kind of expect this. Expecting… creates a self fulfilling prophesy. Most rounds are spent right here in #4.

Let Me Help With How You React

What’s amazing about all of this, is that golf is about acceptance. It’s about accepting the bad and the good. It can’t possibly be all bad, it certainly will never be all good. It’s all about how you frame it. This season, work on framing your actions and your outcomes. Your playing partners will love it, and it’s healthy for you to realize it’s just a game, and things are going to happen. It’s about how you react. Business and golf have taught me that.

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