Will It Make The Golf Better?

Last Fall, I walked a course at the end of the season that I had not played in 25 years. It was nice to go back. Since I had last been there, the course added nine more holes, it had moved from private to public. Members lost control as a new owner bought it for the debt. A happy ending in a way.

The clubhouse was totally redone; a banquet facility for weddings erected. The course itself was about the same, it was in nice shape, but you can see that the owner’s interest is put into the clubhouse / hospitality. When I asked the member I was playing with about the owner’s interest in golf, he said “he is not interested in golf, he has other business interests”.

Fascinating, we all have different interests. I walked that course and saw so many things I could change to “improve the golf”. That’s where MY interest lies. I take every idea I have, or every suggestion a customer gives me, and it passes through my first funnel filter, and that funnel is “will it make the golf better?”

When I have the idea I should put fire pits behind the clubhouse, and I ask myself “will that make the golf better”? Well… I guess that’s why there are no fire pits. In the end, there are probably many ways to successfully “get it done”. I just don’t think you come here for a fire pit, you probably have one of those at home. I assume you are coming to RSPGL for the golf.  Golf where I can make the most compelling difference. That’s what I care about.

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