Our Approach

Many of you know my office window overlooks the parking lot. Over the last 20 years I have watched a lot of people approach the building as they prepare for their day of golf. I started thinking about all the golf courses I’ve been to, and one of the things that we don’t get enough credit for…is our flow pattern “on approach”.

I have been to places where there is like 5 different doors to get into the building…can I pick the right one? Places where the parking lot is not exactly near the Golf Shop. Places where you weave through a mess of parked carts to get from parking lot to the golf shop door. Places where the dumpster stockade is on your way to the front door. Places that look chaotic. Places that are gravel. Places with overgrown foliage. Places that are dangerous. Places with poor signage.

cluttered yard in snow
Photo by Eylül Kuşdili on Pexels.com

In essence, we present well. Large organized parking lot right in front of building. No chaos, no clutter, just a clean simple look. Two choices of door, both well marked. Simple golf shop with obvious flow. Upon exiting, you are in an elevated position, where you can easily see everything that was once hidden from view. Range, putting green, it’s all apparent. Clean golf carts perfectly parked like soldiers waiting for you below. Like I said, it’s a flow that makes a ton of sense. It doesn’t do shit for your golf game, but at least “my approach” should not have caused any additional stress. Enjoy your day. 

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