What’s Wrong With Method Teachers?

Why do golf instructors run from the notion of being pigeon holed as method teachers? (Method Teacher – teaching a certain set of preferences based on fixed principles). It’s simple, casting a wider net is good for business, so call yourself a non-method teacher. Part of marketing, is saying exactly what you want to hear, or at least exactly what we have made up in our own mind as to what you want to hear.

How could teachers possibly know what you want to hear? These “non-method teachers” have all the same lines. “There’s a million ways to swing the club, every body style is different, we can work within your limitations, you don’t want to start over, we can work with what you have.” Sounds like a ton of built in excuses to keep you from actually do the things you need to do to improve. 

man standing beside man holding gray club

If you are really a “non-method teacher”, then there must be no correct method grip? No repeatable way to plane the club? No proper way to deliver force? No ideal position for impact?

As a student, are you fine with the idea that your grip is good enough, that your plane sort of works, that you deliver the best force it appears you can, that you are making decent compensations for impact? I wouldn’t want that. This brings us to the best part of this article. You can have exactly what you want.

Maybe You Need A Method Teacher

In finding a golf instructor / coach, Golf Course Owner Guy would encourage you to find the one that you feel comfortable with. If you want to be told that everything looks pretty good, and we won’t change much…that teacher is out there. You don’t need to 100% commit to this kind of teacher, there is another just like them around the corner.  If you want to find a teacher who believes in a certain method of swinging, his or her ideas are rooted in good mechanics,  he or she has flexible options for certain body ailments, and you want to totally immerse yourself in a concept, that teacher is out there too.

When you find this person, 100% commit to them.  Jumping around will be a mistake. In summary…there is a reason you sought out help in the first place….it’s to improve. Maybe the best thing for you, is to hear a method.

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