Dated Design Trends

After 10 years managing the magnificent plantation style clubhouse you know as Crosswind Grille, I decided one day I needed to look at something different. Maybe you were thinking the same thing. The color had grown boring, the pictures while still hanging, had simply turned invisible. When I walk into other clubhouses, I often get the feeling of “dated design trends”. I’m not smart enough to know what 5 years too dated is, by 40 years too dated, I got a feeling what that looks like.

dated design trends
Bill Boyd Photography Helps Overcome Dated Design Trends

So I started with the walls. Always a lover of golf course photography / architecture, I thought it would be really cool to capture the essence of RSPGL in pictures. Our theme will be grass. Our canvases depict our unique texture as we have many kinds of grass. It’s always imperative that you find something that sets you apart. Bill Boyd, an amateur photographer (I only say that because he technically has a real job still) agreed to shoot the golf course, and he did an awesome job.

Overcoming Dated Design Trends

With these pieces of art created, it was the interior decorators who brought them to life with fresh paint colors, jazzy contrasts and improved lighting. Their job was none too easy, knowing the carpeting, bar top, upholstery and tables were going nowhere. C’mon you guys, I’m not made of money and besides I’m a golf course guy. (You didn’t come to play because of my color scheme). Accent pieces purchased, everything rearranged, I think it looks pretty good, and we’ve been riding it for a few years.

Someday I’ll get tired of this too, much like the way you feel about your bedroom or family room. You spend a lot of time in there, I spend a lot of time here. I’m hoping you like it, but if you don’t…as opposed to going somewhere else for your post round cocktail, I would prefer if you still indulged here, just close your eyes and suck it up for a little while. This to shall pass.


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