Taste of Own Medicine

This past winter we are VRBO’d a condo in St. Pete’s. Upon returning my inbox served me the typical closure. “Please review your stay, it helps us with future bookings”. No problem…I gave all 5 stars as it truly was a great vacation. A day later, I received another email from VRBO, they told me that I was also reviewed as a renter, and that my profile and “renter reviews” would always be visible to any host homeowner in the future, should I make another reservation. Yikes!

rear view of man sitting on rock by sea
Photo by Riccardo on Pexels.com

No worries, I was also given 5 stars across all categories, I wore than medal proudly all day. Then I got to thinking…golf is reservation based, and yet me don’t get to review the customer. Imagine if you made a tee time, and the course could look up your profile before you received a confirmation that you could play Saturday morning. So I polled 1000 golf courses, “if you could get the skinny on what a customer is like…” and this is what they told me they would like to see before finishing your booking.

  1. Likelihood of fixing a ball mark.
  2. Ability to arrive 10 minutes early
  3. Time spent looking for lost balls
  4. How much they bitch about senior rate
  5. Can they show up with actual number they booked for
  6. How ornery they are about being paired up
  7. Level of creepiness to the bev cart girl
  8. How many sunflower seeds they spit on the green
  9. Number of curbs they must jump the cart off of

Sadly not making the top 9 were: stealing range balls, taking two parking spots because you think your car is nice, tipping with quarters, getting your soda with no ice, no-showing your golf lesson, and demanding Augusta conditions when you paid $30.

It all seriousness, I really like that VRBO does that. It’s an even exchange of respect and accountability. It doesn’t fix everything, but it’s a good start. As for a golf version of VRBO, golf operators can keep dreaming.

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