Reliable Vision

A singular vision is a better vision. Imagine a volunteer committee of 7-9 people. The people on this committee come and go every year; each one very established or successful in their own primary career. They come together once a month to run a business they know nothing about. That’s how a lot of golf courses are run.

What’s fascinating is how a doctor is an expert on golf shop merchandising, an insurance agent knows how to get more tournament participation, a banker thinks the food offerings should be more bistro-like, the paper company executive thinks a new pool is needed, and the airline pilot seems to know how to attract new members.

Where Vision Is Not Made

Why No Other Visions?

Everyone has an opinion on how a golf course “should be run”. In all my years, I have never heard a doctor express interest in the way a pickle factory down the road operates. The insurance man never has suggestions about a clothing stores online presence. The banker hasn’t had any bright ideas on a concrete formula that would keep overpasses from freezing in the winter. You get my point.

This isn’t a rant about people giving suggestions, this is an explanation of why RSPGL works. We are not run by a committee of non-golf professionals. Everyone here has intimate knowledge of the golf, agronomy, or the food and beverage world. We are not pulled in directions based on personal preferences, and we don’t change directions yearly because the committee dynamic has changed. We have one singular long term vision and we are working toward it. Don’t worry, Golf Course Owner Guy still like hearing your suggestions, after all, you might not be in the golf business today, but with great ideas, we may need to make you part of our team.


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