Obsession With Clubhouses

Thumbing through a trade magazine, they were handing out awards for “Clubhouse Renovation of the Year”. People, what is the deal with the 40 million dollar clubhouses? Maybe I just don’t get it. Why do you need a 40 million dollar clubhouse? Stupid.

Is Ballroom C, D and E imperative? Marble entry way leads you into one of our three bar rooms. Yippy! Of course, every palatial building needs a “lifestyle wing”. I need true zen when I work out. Oh wait, I don’t feel like working out! Instead, I’ll just enjoy feeling like a king when the bathroom has those $900 faucets, and how about that glass, you gotta have glass, tons of glass! What about the light bulbs, cleaning crew, and that’s one hell of an air conditioning bill. Why is this necessary? Didn’t you come for the golf?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Opposite Clubhouse

People think I have a service-able building. Simple, comfortable, clean. I call it manageable, affordable, sufficient. It will awe no one. The best part is…you don’t have to pay a cent to keep an over indulgent building going. If I could dumb this down to a grass hut, I just might try it.

When I envision my first trip to Pebble Beach, Golf Course Owner Guy never envisions himself enjoying the clubhouse. Does anyone even know what the Pebble Beach clubhouse looks like? I envision the golf. I think paying $500 is complete bullshit, but I still envision the golf. At some point the clubhouse ridiculousness will end. Nothing like a beautiful castle, over looking a really crappy course. The world is full of them. I’m just keeping the focus on golf. That’s what most of you want, that’s what you were thinking about last night as you feel asleep. I think.

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