Not Lost On Me

I force my staff to count our inventory every month. Constituents make fun of my excess for detail. My area of expertise is the beverages. It’s not why you think. I’m a non-drinker, so no one can lift those bottles and look inside without temptation better than me. In the last couple years I’ve recruited my daughters to help. I bark numbers, they frantically write. We are a good team.

clear drinking glass filled with water
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Brief segue…I have only left the United States a couple times in my life. As many of you know, there is one instruction that family and friends always remind you traveling to a less civilized country. Commit this sin, and you may spend your entire vacation in the bathroom. Back to inventory…as I barked the words “26 Topo Chicos”… it is not lost on me, that I actually profit by selling you water that was bottled in Mexico. That’s pretty funny.


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