Inspiring Tee Blocks

I’d love to say Golf Course Owner Guy invented this idea, but clearly I have not been pontificating the right things in golf. A suggestion was made that we do away with the colors of tee blocks. Growing up in golf, it seems like “Blue” was always for the good players, “White” was for the average players and seniors, and of course “Red”, I think everyone knows who those tees were for. That was back when things were simple.

Then… seniors wanted their own set, and what to color the tees that ended up behind the blues? Where were kids supposed to play from? Ladies got sick of only one option, and that option was always red? Then courses tried to get clever, and they re-scripted all their colors. It eliminated all the stereotypes, but only confused golfers on where to push their tee into the ground.

tee blocks
No Colored Tee Blocks Needed?

Tee Blocks Based on Speed

It’s human nature to always overthink things. But maybe colors were always the wrong approach. What if the tees were classified by swing speeds. 110mph or more, you played those far back tees. 75mph or less you played those front tees. In the middle we had sets for those in the 80’s, 90’s and 100mph speed ranges. It would no longer matter your gender, your age, your ability to hit it straight, or your propensity to be a bit crooked. You simply go to the tee box where your swing speed is calibrated. I can feel all those egos moaning…

In theory…when a foursome reached their tee shots and were ready to play their approaches, wouldn’t all four players be in a similar place? It took a hundred years for the subconscious to know what red, white and blue stand for, there is no way my drivel can change anything…but it’s kind of fun to think about! You know it makes tons of sense.


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