Idea For Real Growth

Now this is a growth of the game initiative. Have you seen the super cool announcement from the USGA? It was decided that each year they are going to pick 50 public courses around the U.S. and basically subsidize golf for an entire month at these facilities. Next year a new 50. Small towns, big cities, municipals, you name it. They realize there is a barrier to entry, and they want to eliminate that barrier. Almost everyone who begins in golf, begins at the local public course. What better way than having the USGA pay for it. I guess people will have to make tee times, they are encouraged to bring someone new, and the USGA will cut a check to the golf course for the business conducted.  Evidently, kids under 20 will also be able to rent FREE clubs too. This will be so cool.

Upside of Growth

Golf Course Owner Guy thinks this is exactly what golf needs. I think it could be great for struggling public courses. I think it would be great for the communities that surround these places. Obviously, it would be super great to get more people exposed to golf by basically eliminating the cost factor. Hey, I’d like to see if I might enjoy playing the drums, but I don’t want to buy a drum set to find out I hate it.  

Lots of Growth

Sadly, everything I just wrote is a lie. When you join the USGA, and pay your $35 membership fee, you get a hat. You never know what happens to the rest of that money, but it certainly isn’t doing the plan I just laid out. Where does all that money go? And how could it be transparently spent? These huge Associations love to talk about “growth of the game”, I just think they are too far removed from the mechanisms that might actually make a difference. Keep running commercials and handing out bag tags, you are doing wonders.

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