Horizontal vs Vertical

I was asked how we have been able to keep the core RSPGL leadership together here since inception, and I really didn’t know the answer to that. Some courses can’t keep a team together through the Spring. This is our 20th season, and I’m super excited that we are all together, so here is one theory.

This place is horizontal, when many places like it…. are vertical. Though I may be the owner, the decisions are made by department heads. Each does “their thing” and I simply smooth the edges so it all works together. It’s not just decisions though. When asphalt needs to be laid, trees cut, bunkers dug, walls painted, it is all done together. No one supervises while others work. We are all equal. It’s collaborative in how things are decided, it’s collaborative in how things get accomplished… we are laid out very horizontally.

At other places, it’s vertical. Owner dictates vision. Vision is told to be executed. Subordinates are there to carry out vision. Owner has final say, or owner occasionally appears to check on progress. Owner can implement incentives, owner can implement threats…and things can funnel up, but mostly funnel down in this system. Those operations are vertical.

I think people like horizontal, but I really can’t know what anyone really likes. I think horizontal works, but that’s only because I choose to be horizontal. Quite frankly, I don’t want to be the boss of everyone. I guess the question becomes…the vertical structure is perpetuated by those with an ego that need to remind everyone they are on top. I think this has a very short life span.  Or you could just let all that go,  roll up your sleeves, and get some shit done together. What would you prefer?  I know who I’d rather work for someone like me, and I do, so that works out well.

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