Grass’s Growing Importance

Have you seen how many buildings, parking lots, businesses, multi family developments, storage facilities have popped up in Wrightstown in the last 2-3 years? The Golf Link’s importance only grows, I mean for those that are into greenspace.

You love greenspace, maybe you just don’t realize it. It’s part of being human.  That’s the beautiful thing about a golf course… it’s vitality important to a community. Of course, no one really feels that way until the city wants to redevelop, or an owner like me decides he’d like to sell to Wal-Mart. All of the sudden there is huge objection. Tense village meetings, angry residents, picketing out front of the golf course, ensues.

What the objectors are really saying is “I took the greenspace for granted. I walked, or drove by it every day and just assumed it would always be there. I watched other greenspace disappear, and I didn’t mind because it didn’t affect me. But this can’t happen! My investment, or my quality of life will go down if this becomes more parking lot, I’m going to fight”. 

Oshkosh showed us a couple years ago what can happen when golf is not supported, when you have a mayor that hates golf, and big money development wants preferred greenspace. I remind people all the time… this thing only works, if it’s supported.

So when you say, “Nick what’s the point of this article?” The point is… golf courses do not get the credit they deserve, for the value they bring to a community. Of course I’m here to run a business, but I also believe I SERVE, and PRESERVE a vital part of the community. As Wrightstown becomes increasingly concrete encased, I hope there will still be 151 acres in the middle, dedicated to greenspace happiness.   A golf course’s value (in any community) extends way beyond the golfers who play there.  If I’m wrong, then the residents of this community might happily walk or drive by the newest Amazon warehouse someday instead. But I’m going to hold out hope, that they would prefer the greenspace we try to preserve.


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