Debunking Lack of Growth

National Golf Foundation concluded another study, and like all things found on the internet, I fell for the click bait. They cited there are four reasons that remain for golf’s lack of growth, or maybe even contraction. I think you would really enjoy learning those reasons, and you might really enjoy why I think it’s horseshit. Reasons are:

  1. Cost
  2. Time
  3. Concern About Ability
  4. No One To Play With


Cost is always the go-to excuse for everything. The United States has never been wealthier. People drive $35,000 cars, that would get them 1,093 rounds at RSPGL, or 2 rounds week for the next 20 years. What about those with second homes either up north or down south. That would be 6,250 rounds at RSPGL, or 3 rounds a week for the next 83 years. Don’t me started on season tickets, boats, snowmobiles and privatized club sports for kids. In the grand scheme of what “life” costs, give me a break that golf is killing the budget.

Is Time Causing Lack Of Growth?

Lack of growth
This Could Lead To a Lack of Growth

Time, might be the funniest one to me. 100 years ago, you had to make a candle to be able to see. You were lucky if your transportation was faster than a horse. You had to kill or grow your own dinner, then you got to stoke a furnace all night to stay warm. Today, we can make someone else do our grocery shopping for us, but we have the audacity to claim we have no time. What the hell is everyone doing?

I’m Not That Good

Being concerned about ability is just another strange cry for help. We are blessed with the most technologically advanced equipment human history has ever seen. I know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s damn easy to hit the ball these days. In the 1920’s Potomoc Park in Washington DC was doing in excess of 80,000 rounds a year. Everyone was playing golf, and they had barely moved beyond an animal intestine packed with feathers as their golf ball. No one seemed too worried back then about their ability. Maybe spending the last 3 years in a cold trench in northern France had made them a wee bit mentally tougher.

No One Will Play With Me

No one to play with just seems like a by product of a whole bunch of swing conscious people, driving nice cars, who are really busy seeing how many “likes” the picture of their cat got. There are a lot of people who love playing with others, but there are a lot who are intolerant as well. In this day in age, you could easily go 20 years and not talk to your neighbor. We are essentially self sufficient and totally self entertaining. Playing golf with a stranger is like talking to that neighbor….it’s fine, but it’s not necessary, so why be bothered by it. For the sake of the human race, this needs to change a little.

Not Worried About a Lack of Growth

Golf Course Owner Guy isn’t buying the bologna. Call me niave, call me a romantic, but these excuses just aren’t cutting it. The problem is so simple… I know exactly how to solve it. No one cares what I think, and I love that. In the meantime, I will cater to friendly people, who have extra time, a spare $20, and turn of the 21st century clubs. Everything is going to be fine. With all that in perspective, it’s a real good time to play some more golf.

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