As Good As It Gets

I was asked by a customer if I thought the area would ever have a new public course built? I thought about it for maybe 1/10 of one second and then I responded…. “no, that will never happen”.

Many years ago, there was a simple guideline that architects, developers, builders considered to be somewhat accurate. It was a broad brush assessment, but it was a good place to start…for every million dollars it takes to create the entire golf experience, that’s probably $10 of green fee. Three million to buy the land, hire the architect, file your permits, pay the construction crew, lay the pipe, bury the drainage,  build the clubhouse, erect the maintenance building, fill it with mowers, hire the staff, buy every appliance, pay your insurance, acquire your liquor license, compensate your attorney, well…. you can probably charge a $30 green fee.

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Now a days, you are not doing any of that without $10,000,000. And that $10 mil will produce a pretty average place…let’s say a place just like RSPGL. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not Whistling Straits.   So there you go, your new course will be the first course in the area charging $100, and they will be rough in condition, and disorganized in details, for the first two years.

Raise your hand, if you think the Fox Valley is excited for that? Kind of makes sense that every course that has been built in the last 10 years all charge $150 or more. Golf is getting out of hand. You are so spoiled to have so many courses in the area that are so affordable.  This will probably be as good as it gets. In my opinion, its pretty good. Get out and play.


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